EarthCaust Photography


Hello and welcome to EarthCaust Photography.

What is EarthCaust Photography?

I created this brand to help promote Conservation and the Importance of Nature through my art.

But why EarthCaust?

I chose this name as humanity is destroying Earth's nature and natural resources deliberately and inadvertently.

Natures Holocaust at great cost.

My name is Riche Rifkind, I was born in Edinburgh, but currently living in South America doing Voluntary and Charity Work. I am mainly helping develop a large photographic database for REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu, RJ, Brazil) as well as doing research and Education within the local schools.

I started serious photography in 2006 as a hobby which has grown into what it is today.

I have a keen interest in all nature but my main passion is in Insect Macro Photography.

I also enjoy teaching children about nature. ( here is a video of my Educational work, If you are interested in Sponsoring please get in touch.)
You could say that my love of nature started as a child from watching fantastic television programmes by Sir David Attenborough among others and from playing/exploring outdoors.

"I know many talented photographers, but Riche surpasses them all. He has an amazing eye for detail and can capture the essence and character of whatever he photographs. He has a god given talent and is an artist"

N. Locke & R.Lima